Astra BZnFe is a nutrient solution that meets the boron, zinc and iron needs of plants and supports the plant. It is an ideal fertilizer for situations where there is a hidden or obvious deficiency of all three microelements.

    It increases plant height, branch and stem development by supporting plant growth. It minimizes leaf and fruit shedding by providing leaf development. It ensures adequate and healthy formation of vegetative parts. It prevents stunted development. It prevents chlorosis in plants and eliminates nutrient deficiencies. Increases fruit quality. It provides an increase in yield.

    It is used in all vegetables and fruits, provides healthy plant growth and an increase in fertilization. The main function of the element boron (B) in the plant is the formation of cell walls and the reproduction of tissues, that is, cell division and growth. It increases root development, bud formation and flower formation in the plant. It supports a healthy pollen structure and fertilization. Boron has an important role in increasing fruit number and fruit set in fruit trees and vegetables. Zinc (Zn) in its content affects nitrogen metabolism, starch formation and seed maturation in the plant. In addition, zinc, a plant nutrient required for the production of growth hormones (auxin hormone); especially in the elongation of the internode. Iron (Fe) in its content regulates oxygen transport, promotes healthy root and fruit formation. Chlorophyll synthesis is reduced in iron deficiency.

    It can be applied directly to the leaves (sprayers etc.) and soil (with irrigation systems)

    Water Soluble Boron (B)6
    Water Soluble Iron (Fe)3
    Water Soluble Zinc (Zn)8
    Magnesium Oxide (MgO)7