• Corghaans

    Outstanding Result Anytime Anywhere

    Corghaans accelerate root growth by releasing nutrients in the soil; it allows plants to grow in a balanced way. It provides a high-performance thanks to the resistance it brings in to the plants.

    Effects of Corghaans;

    It darkens the colour of the soil and benefits better utilization of the sun’s rays. Thanks to the humic acid it contains, it balances the temperature level in the soil. It ensures soil purification from pollutants and toxic substances in the soil. It accelerates the root development of plants by making the soil loose and airy. It enables the nutrient elements bound in the soil to become free. Its effect is long-lasting due to its slow solubility. Increases the efficiency of using nitrogen taken by the plant. It carries the nutrients that are released in the soil to the plant quickly thanks to the amino acids it contains. It provides vegetative development due to its high nitrogen content. Corghaans provides earliness in plants due to its nutritional elements, especially amino acids. Thanks to its quality granule structure, it can be spread easily to the desired distance with fertilizer spreaders and is dustfree.

    Organic Matter20
    Total Nitrogen12
    Organic Nitrogen1
    Nitrate Nitrogen1
    Ammonium Nitrogen (NH4-N)10
    Total (Humic+Fulvic) Acid10
    Maximum Humidity20
    pH Range2,8-4,8
    Maximum Chlorine (CI)1,8