EFFECT Fe is a special product containing EDDHA chelated iron in all with its quality. EFFECT Fe, which is produced by processing high-quality raw materials with special techniques, contains a high 4.8% ortho-ortho isomer.

    Thanks to 4.8% EDDHA chelate, it increases the active iron content of leaf. It is completely soluble in water and has a micro-granular structure. In soil where there is a lack of iron or excessive lime in the soil and in cases where the soil pH is high (calcareous and alkaline soil), growth and development retardation is observed in plants due to iron deficiency.

    In this case, the EFFECT Fe product, which is completely chelated with 4.8% ortho-ortho EDDHA, is in a form that can be easily taken by the plant. It has an impact in a short time with its superior activity power in high pH soils. It treats diseases related to iron deficiency in a short time. It eliminates the symptoms like chlorosis seen as a result of deficiency.

    Iron is required for the synthesis of the chlorophyll (responsible for capturing sunlight) pigment, which is the plant’s food source and is responsible for photosynthesis. Hence, it is necessary for photosynthesis. . Leaf colour becomes dark green and provides maximum benefit from solar energy. It helps respiration and protein formation. It helps to increase the yield. It provides the formation of many enzyme activities.

    It prevents iron chlorosis seen in all kinds of fruit trees, vineyards, citrus fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants. It has a wide pH range.

    Water Soluble Iron (Fe)6
    Iron (Fe) Chelated with EDDHA6
    Iron Chelated with [Ortho-Ortho] EDDHA4,8
    Stabile pH Range of EDDHA4-10