• EFFECT N-15

    It is a special product in liquid form, containing 15% nitrogen and 20% organic matter in its composition.

    It is used in cases where the plant needs a high level of nitrogen. As a result of keeping the amount of organic matter in the soil high, soil vitality is increased and the efficiency of fertilization is increased. The high amount of organic matter in the soil also ensures that the soil pH is low.

    In cases where the plants cannot benefit from nitrogen sufficiently even though there is enough nitrogen in the soil; For instance, in case of insufficient moisture and precipitation, extremely hot and cold climate conditions or insufficient nitrogen in the soil, it is the most ideal plant nutrient.

    Root growth, plant height development, stem thickened, increase in the number and the size of leaves, rise in the number of branches, shoot and fruit/seed development are seen on the plants applied with Effect N-15.

    Organic Matter20
    Total Nitrogen (N)15
    Organic Nitrogen1
    Urea Nitrogen (NH2-N)14
    pH Range4,6-6,6