Pep Humate

Pep Humate

Pep Humate
  • Pep Humate

    Pep Humate accelerates root growth by releasing nutrients in the soil; it allows plants to grow in a balanced way. It provides a high-performance thanks to the resistance it brings in to the plants.

    Effects of PEP HUMATE;

    It provides easy intake of nutrients in the soil. By regulating the soil structure, it increases the aeration and water holding capacity of the soil. It increases the amount of organic matter in the soil. When applied regu-larly, organic acids adjust the pH of the rhizosphere (root soil surface) to the pH required by the plant. It accelerates the germination of seeds when applied to the soil. By increasing microorganism activities, it accelerates the conversion of nutrients into the appropriate form that the plant can take. It increases the enzyme activities of the plant. It accelerates root development and vegetative development. It accelerates photosynthesis by increasing chlorophyll formation in foliar applications. It ensures that pesti-cides and fertilizers, which are used in foliar applications, adhere to the leaf surface more easily. It provides earliness in the crop, increases yield and quality.

    Organic Matter40
    Total (Humic+Fulvic) Acid65
    Water Soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O)12
    Maximum Humidity20
    pH Range9,9-11,9