Pinancle Humigran

Pinancle Humigran

Pinancle Humigran
  • Pinancle Humigran

    Pinnacle Humigran consists of high percentage of organic matter, humic acid, amino acid, organic nitrogen and has a low pH level. It is a unique product in terms of its content. It has a granular structure; hence it is easy to use. It is used on cotton, tobacco, potato, sugar beet, corn, rice, cereals, vegetables and all fruit trees.


    It makes the soil structure loose and airy; thus accelerates the root development. It prevents the formation of lime and salt in the soil. It enables the nutrient elements bound in the soil to become free. It helps to clean the pollutants and toxic substances in the soil. Its effect is long-lasting due to slow solubility. There are amino acids in its composition; therefore, free nutrients in the soil can be easily transported to the plant. Due to its low pH, it reduces the pH level in the rhizosphere (root-soil surface). It provides vegetative development due to its high nitrogen content. Pinnacle Humigran provides earliness in plants due to its nutritional elements, especially amino acids. Increases the efficiency of the nitrogen usage taken by the plant.

    Organic Matter18
    Total Nitrogen14
    Ammonium Nitrogen (NH4-N)14
    Total (Humic+Fulvic) Acid12
    Maximum Humidity2
    pH Range2,4-4,4